A rich reserve of talent and expertise feeds Alluvial’s unprecedented rewards program.

In nature, alluvial basins and the rivers and streams that feed into them, produce the world’s richest mineral reserves and most fertile soils. Earth’s rare alluvial systems are the inspiration for Alluvial Rewards. By bringing together rich rewards for consumers and retailers alike in a new and simplified way, we’re making it easier for everyone to benefit from the things that make life precious for each of us.

Reduce rewards spend with Alluvial

Alluvial Rewards represents the coming together of rare talents from the fields of international finance, travel rewards, crypto and compliance. The concentrated talents of our founders are bound by a shared passion for supporting local economies and financial well-being throughout the world community. That was what inspired our leadership to exclusively partner with VOW currency creators, Enigmatic Smile, to launch Alluvial Rewards to share the rich benefits of v-currency with America.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Culhane

Chief Executive Officer

Michael has a particular talent for crystalizing big ideas and then forging mindshare and collaboration with partners that can bring those ideas to profitable outcomes. His 38 year career is comprised of building successful businesses from startup to sale, in both Travel and Travel Tech. As a co-founder, he built Gametrackers Safaris (now Belmond Safaris), a pioneer in luxury eco-tourism. After a successful sale Michael co-founded both telecom and travel related businesses with a focus on aggregation and technology integration. In this process he built formidable expertise in large enterprise B2B sales in the travel industry. Since 2017 he has been focused on blockchain solutions for both the travel industry as well as related verticals in the areas of payment, commission management as well as aggregation of both customers and content. The team has founded Alluvial Rewards to harness the extraordinary technology around the VOW blockchain and ecosystem. Michael believes they are poised to entirely disrupt the way in which Merchants reward their customers with massive benefits to both. Everything he has done in his career has led to this inflection point and he could not be more enthused. He’s been active in YPO since 1992, maintains a passion for African wildlife conservation and loves a game of tennis.

Les J. Goodwin

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Goodwin, has over 43 years’ experience in retail, commercial and correspondent
banking, corporate expansion, mergers and acquisitio
ns, change management,
income/expense management, strategic planning and execution oversight. A key
factor in his success has been in creating solutions for management, owners and
investors to make well-informed decisions to address challenges and take
advantage of opportunities.

Erick Calder

Chief Technical Officer

A technologist with decades of experience in finance whose customer base includes TCW, Western Asset, Thomson Reuters, MUFG, and other large enterprises, Erick's commitment to blockchain from its early inception has placed him at the centre of the storm, today advising Cryptospace, Infiom,  Abaku Capital, New Ocean and other blockchain ventures
As a thought leader in the space Erick also writes on the topic at: https://ekkis.medium.com/ -- he may be reached on Twitter at: @ekkis

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