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Our state-of-the-art, blockchain-based rewards solution changes the game for financial institutions. Through direct integrations with VISA we can enhance any current cashback-based rewards programs, and reduce costs of your operation by up to 80%. All this, through a PCI Level 1 technology that has been successfully deployed for banks and large institutions around the globe.

Reduce rewards spend with Alluvial

A Breakthrough for Consumers and Retailers

Card users want to get really great rewards. Merchants want to give really great rewards—they have to, in order to compete. But that’s getting harder and more expensive by the day. The problem is that today, rewards programs are all feeding from the same trough and the same 10-12 aggregators are sourcing all their programs, so they’re not drastically different.

Alluvial breaks the mold enabling retailers to provide generous crypto currency rewards that build loyalty and attract new customers—at an astonishingly lower cost. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? We never had blockchain before.

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True Crypto, Real Savings
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Your Entrée to Blockchain

We’ll usher you into the blockchain world without regulatory uncertainty. A strong feature of this solution is that the technology integration with your existing systems will require minimal effort and can be done relatively quickly.

Enhance your current model without changing any commercial relationships you have. With Alluvial Rewards, you don’t have to go through the crisis of changing to a new program. Just do exactly what you’re doing. Any improvement is from V$.

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The Most Compelling
Rewards Program Ever

Crypto currencies have universal appeal today, and V$ are especially attractive. With the Alluvial Rewards program, every transaction, everywhere, earns your customers V$. They can be spent easily at merchants in the Alluvial stream, easily redeemed in the secondary market or invested.

Through Alluvial Rewards, card holders are seamlessly onboarded to the crypto space without any of the usual hurdles of going to an exchange. Imagine being the first to offer this to card holders and the boost to your branding and business development efforts.

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More than
Crypto Cashback

Alluvial Rewards are an economy where more generous incentives are possible and a community where loyalty and new customer relationships grow. Blockchain makes it possible.

The Alluvial program makes it beautiful. Through a retailer interface that provides unprecedented transparency and an app that enables consumers to hold V$ from multiple cards in one virtual wallet, Alluvial Rewards provide a rich experience that is beyond compare.

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