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It’s not easy being a retailer today. Instant access to pricing makes every product or service a commodity, and every purchase an auction. Retailers’ options to stay competitive are shrinking. Essentially you can pay at the front end in the form of offering discounts or the back end through points or cash back.

Reduce rewards spend with Alluvial

In today’s discount- and cashback-driven retail culture, how can you differentiate against competitors in ways that don’t cost you a lot? Alluvial Rewards enables you to do both at very little cost through our loyalty program.

An Irresistible and Affordable Alternative

Alluvial Rewards gives retailers a way to increase sales by engendering loyalty and attracting new customers through vastly bigger rewards provided in the form of V$ customers love. And you can do it for 80% less cost than with old forms of points or cashback programs.

Differentiation without Discounting

By providing rewards to customers in the form of V$, you can charge the full retail price and provide customers with a generous and valuable bonus that beats all others out there—but costs retailers astonishingly less.

A First and

Everyone’s heard of blockchain, but no one’s ever used it this way before. Alluvial enables merchants to harness this powerful technology in their business right away. Alluvial Rewards integrate with 90% of the world’s card issuers, enabling the ability to pull transactions directly from POS to blockchains and drive rewards in a non-stacked way that prevents duplication.

Urivalled benefits to retailers

Unrivalled Benefits to Retailers

Alluvial Rewards give you more than a program—they make you part of a community that brings new customers looking to spend their V$. The portability of V$ means merchants will get business from other merchants in the Alluvial steam—many that weren’t even customers before.

Plus it’s a sure way to put your company on the leading edge by appealing to today’s savvy shoppers who love crypto.

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An Add-on, Not a Replacement

You can try Alluvial Rewards without giving up your current rewards program. We make it easy to hook up and add V$ rewards as a bonus. Your customers will be thrilled.

Simple Integration and Implementation

We’ve made it super easy for retailers to join the Alluvial Stream and start offering V$ to customers. Our APIs accelerate onboarding. After a two-hour workshop, you can be up and running in hours. Our consumer app and retailer interface create an experience that is easier and more transparent than any rewards program before.

Merchant Benefits

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