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You’ll find our rewards tech partner and provider, Enigmatic Smile. They are responsible for solving some of the greatest challenges that have faced companies involved in providing rewards and the consumers who earn them. Together, through our exclusive partnership, we’re developing branded programs that bring their breakthrough solutions and interfaces to the U.S.

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Until now, rewards programs had limited usefulness to consumers and merchants. Consumers couldn’t really earn or burn rewards freely, and merchants could rarely directly market to buyers. In short, there was a lot of waste and confusion in the world of cashback and points, which made it hard for anyone—merchants, transaction verifiers, credit card issuers or customers—to get their just rewards.

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3 Innovations that Change Everything



The first truly big idea in the rewards space in decades. Vow® digital discount vouchers are v-currency issued by merchants as a transparent reward currency, saving them up to 80% of the cost of running cashback offers.



Fragmented customer identity and marketing consents are a thing of the past. Single.id enables consistent identity, rewards, consents across rewards publishers, merchants and payment methods.



Systemic duplication (also known as stacking) of rewards is eliminated. TX1 consumes card and wallet transaction data from any source—including card schemes, acquirers, issuers, PSPs, gateways, terminals and ad networks—to validate linked offers.

Reward Publisher-Friendly

Oath connections, SDKs and white label cash-back APP solutions aid reward publishers in attracting new customers and nurturing existing relationships by featuring merchant offers in apps.

Rewards Friendly

Brilliant, Branded Interfaces

Merchant Specific
Dashboard Interface

Market to customers and manage offers over a single, simple customized interface. Merchants save time and money through unprecedented visibility and control.


This white label reward app and consumer interface is a true original. It enables consumers to hold V$ from multiple credit cards in one wallet, receive merchant offers and earn or burn V$ with ease.

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